Meet the 2019 Washington State Duck Stamp Competition Winner and Washington Waterfowl Association's Artist of the Year:

Catherine Temple is a wildlife and pet portrait artist residing in southeastern Washington. In this rugged, beautiful and diverse terrain she finds the inspiration for her art while pursuing her other passions of photography, birdwatching and hunting with her husband, Brian and dog, Balin.

Catherine began her love affair with art, birds and dogs at an early age in rural northern Illinois. Her father had a passion for raising exotic birds and animals and this gave her ample opportunities to develop her drawing skills as well as her love of nature and the outdoors. As an adult she continued to hone her skills by studying biology and taxidermy to better understand the anatomy of the birds and animals she loved to paint. When she acquired her first hunting dog, a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Jake, a deep bond was formed. Out of love for her dog she decided to paint his portrait and soon discovered that there were others who loved their dogs as much as she did. This developed a new direction for her art and she has since created dozens of portraits for pet owners across the country.

Primarily a self-taught artist, Catherine enjoys painting with water-based media, especially acrylic, as this gives her the most versatility in creating the detail and realism that her art is known for. As she develops the painting, she almost always completes the eyes first as she believes this brings the spirit and character of the animal to life. This is also what most people viewing her paintings comment on first.

In recent years all of Catherine's passions of art, the outdoors, ducks and dogs have led her to begin entering duck stamp contests. She received her first win with the 2017-2018 Delaware duck stamp depicting her Chesapeake Bay retriever, Balin, and canvasback ducks. Most recently she was chosen to create the 2019-2020 Washington duck stamp which will depict a chocolate lab and ring-necked ducks. Her canine art has garnered awards from Art Show at the Dog Show in Witchita, Kansas and she has won several awards locally for her wildlife art.

Catherine considers her art to be a calling, one that is both challenging and fulfilling and a gift from God that she is to share with others. She continues to enjoy participating in the realm of duck stamp competitions as well as showing her work locally and regionally and completing commissioned work for her collectors.

Catherine Temple