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Washington State Duck Stamp/Print Artist Selection Guidelines

Artist selection opens in September 1st of each year for the following year artwork.

  • Open to all artists, regardless of residence and age.

  • The winning subject will be portrayed in full color on the Washington State Duck Stamp, and the winning artist will be ineligible to compete for the next two (2) succeeding years.

  • The subject will be selected by the WWA Duck Stamp Committee on or before September 01 of the current year and will exclude those species used in the preceding three years. (To allow the artist to determine if the subject is something they are interested in painting).

  • Examples of the works of prospective artists are due for consideration to the WWA Duck Stamp committee by December 1, of current year.

  • Examples should be electronically submitted digital images. Please limit your submission to a few of your best representations of your work. Please do not submit original paintings.

  • The WWA Duck Stamp committee will select and notify the winning artist by December 24, of the current year.

  • No runners-up will be announced but artists are welcome to contact the committee for feedback.

  • The selected artist will submit sketches or photos of the subject matter design and layout to the Duck Stamp committee by February 28, of the stamp year.

  • Once selected, the artist may not submit the print or painting to any other state or national venue for consideration.

  • The original painting must be 14” x 18”. (The Gicle`e print will be 7” x 9“with 1.5” borders.)

  • The winning artist will sign 40 prints and 5 individual stamps

  • The artist’s compensation will consist of:

    •  $500

    • Artist Edition prints and corresponding numbered stamps: 10 Prints, 10 stamps

    • Reimbursement for any shipping of the artwork to WWA

  • The WWA requests that the Artist’s Edition prints be offered at prices equivalent to or above those of the WWA.

  • The original painting remains the property of the artist.

  • Interested Artists please submit your examples of work to:

WWA DSC Chairman

 Mike Bell

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